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I’m Paula and I help empaths and highly sensitive people learn how to protect and preserve their energy

so they can be out in the world and be themselves without the overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion.

Have you been called "too sensitive", intuit what others need and struggle with feeling different and drained?

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I get it. I’m highly sensitive and intuitive too. I can remember being in my 20's and so excited to be going to a big New York city club for the first time. Then we got inside. Into this huge room full of so many people with lights and noise and music and all the buzz. And I froze. It was like an ice cold chill came over me and I couldn't stop shaking. It was all could do to find a dark corner to hide out in.


Everyone else was laughing, dancing and having a great time and there I was overwhelmed, nervous and losing it!

It was more than the all the sensory stimulation too. I had always felt different and back then I thought there was something wrong with me that needed fixing. The parts of me that ran deeper or were "too" emotional and sensitive were more often than not misunderstood, dismissed or seen as a neurotic.  I learned not to like myself (insert self criticism and judgment here) and to silence my deep emotions and unique take on the world. My natural empathy made me a great people pleaser who felt lonely, exhausted, anxious and eventually numbed into depression. Yes it went that far and if this is true for you too, I’m here to tell you there is a way through it. 

Any of this sound familiar?

Enjoying Nature

What I didn’t understand then that I thankfully know now is that my brain really is different from the majority and that no I don't need to be fixed. Empaths and HSP's get overloaded more quickly because we are actually taking in more sensory information than the average person. We get the subtleties that others miss, hence the intuition. And then we process all that information and all the empathic emotional stimuli on a deeper level so it takes longer. This can lead to  overstimulation and the automatic fight, flight or freeze reaction of our nervous system.

Another thing that I've learned through my years of energy medicine training is that when we aren't aware of how to stay rooted and connected to our own natural, supportive energies, we will entrain or shift our energies like thoughts and emotions to whatever the strongest most dominant energy is in the room.

Let's face it. The world is chaotic right now and you are going to feel it more than most people.

 We are hardwired as humans to vibrate with the group and HSP's are especially susceptible to this happening because we feel it all more. The good news is this will also help you as you heal and learn how to work with your energy.

What you’ve tried to fix it

Like you, I tried lots of things to help me heal and feel comfortable in my own skin. Things like traditional talk therapy, meditation, massage and spiritual practices. I even tried becoming a hermit, but deep down I longed for connection so it didn’t work. Most methods helped some, or helped for a while but something was always missing.

What actually worked

Fortunately, there was always a deeper part of me saying “this can’t be what life is about”. A thread of hope that kept me questing for that something better. And that thread led me to the teacher and healer who taught me so much of what I will use to help you.

How you help people now


What you are able to do now

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Einstein said "no problem can be solved at the level of consciousness that created it"

We can’t think our way out of problems created by thinking and healing won’t hold if there is no wisdom around how the healing happened. We must tap into the next level and find the solutions there and those levels are all about understanding energy, frequency and vibration. Everything in the universe is made up of vibration (even science agrees with that) and understanding how energy and vibration works through the laws of nature is the foundation for staying vibrant, in balance, peaceful and in flow.


For the last 15 years I have been on a quest to understand and embody these teachings. I have moved from beginner to advanced classes and from apprenticing to teaching energy medicine, sound healing, natural law teachings, shamanism and yoga. I have taken the time to heal myself so what I offer you comes from deep experience and knowing beyond the thinking mind. Through the common threads of many traditions, I have built a foundation that is trustworthy and compassionate. I have applied these healing practices and teachings to my in-person clients for over 10 years with consistent results.


What a relief to find out I didn’t need fixing! That there is a way to be who I am, to sense and feel so much and still be able maintain my own vitality and power, to be emotional without getting pulled into my own or another persons turmoil, and to know that I have found practices, both ancient and modern, that can move me out of fight or flight and into a state of peace and balance. 


Does this mean I’m now the life of the party and just love a big gathering or going to the mall for hours. Nope! But it can be fun sometimes and I have learned how to participate and enjoy it when I want or need to because I have learned-


  • how to have healthy energetic boundaries so people and environments not longer knock me off kilter and drain my energy. Or if they do, because it happens to the best of us, then I have skills to get me back to homeostasis quickly.


  • how to stay embodied and tuned in to the rhythms of nature so I can connect with others and be supported as I meet all the thoughts and feels that are a part of being highly sensitive person


  • how to discern truth from fiction and focus on what sustains me rather than on what drains me.


  • how to honor and value my needs as a person who needs more time to process the world and how to process it all more efficiently and effectively.


  • to value the gifts of my sensitivities and advocate for them even if the culture I live in doesn’t quite get it yet. Fyi to the world - it’s not a weakness to be sensitive. That belief is a big reason the whole world is out of balance right now.


  • just how important these gifts are to the globe right now. Sensitivity, compassion, deep consideration, thoughtfulness, intuition etc. are all an invitation for others to come back to balance.


  • that the more I practice and learn along the way, my whole experience of life is lighter, freer, more potent and full of a lot more laughter.



Okay enough of the serious stuff. Here’s some random fun facts about me

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